Welcome To The World Of Trust

Did you ever feel trapped in this world?

Other people tell you how you should feel about your life, who you are meant to be? And what do you need to do? I know exactly how you feel... 

However, there is a truth inside of you that can't be questioned or denied. And that is your ticket to your freedom. 

Sounds familiar?

I am Manaar Azreik and I designed this MasterClass to turn your life around like I was able to turn mine, in spite of all the troubles and trauma you may have undergone. 

I will guide you through the steps of how to become self-aware by navigating through your vibrations, your inner landscape, and your inner world.

  • Imagine what life would be like if you lived based on your truth
  • How would you feel once you are free from emotional entanglement?
  • Empowering self with your inner voice
  • Conjure up beautiful music that can bring you new ways of thinking and living your life starting today.

Contact me if you think I am a good match for you. I offer a 30 minutes complimentary consultation to talk about what you're looking for in your life today. Text 415-969-5205      architectureofintention@gmail.com

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The Practice of Trust Book - MasterClass runs for 45-Days 

Those who have lost trust in their lives seek to reinstate it while healing the pain of separation. The Practice of Trust is a starting point to living a healthy, balanced, centered life. This book holds key practices to help rediscover YOUR story of separation and move forward so that one can avoid getting stuck in the hardships of life.

 Manaar works with 6-8 participants during this time and the program includes the following:

   * 60-minute Group Calls every Monday & Wednesday at 7 pm on Zoom.

   *  4-hour Intensive Session on the 1st Saturday of the month, on Zoom.

   *  Weekly 1-on-1 (60 munites Session on Zoom or in-person) with the author Manaar Azreik

   * On top of that, you'll receive 2 months (or 6 healing circles) free access to Manaar's weekly events from 7 - 9:00 pm! 

On Thursdays, Live Events in Cotati, CA  ♥  ♥  ♥  (Starting January 6, 2022)

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The Practice of Trust - BOOK

We All Have Addiction in Some Way or Another

Section 1 Part 1 - How the Mind Stops Functioning as the Center of Thought The Buddha once famously and very wisely said:  "People are not addicted to drugs or alcohol; they are addicted to escaping reality." This cannot be truer of the world that we live in. Whether we accept it or even realize it or not, all of us are, in one way or another, addicted to someone or something. We all like to believe that there is something, a particular essence in that thing, that gets us addicted to it. We cannot be more wrong. From my experience, addiction is the result of the way the brain is wired. As human beings, we are wired to have some kind of addiction. While how the addiction translates can be different for different people, the fact here is that everyone does experience it. It can come in the form of substance abuse, excessive use of sugary foods, sex - addiction, smoking, and so on - but it does affect you sooner or later in life. As surprising as it may sound, even codependency is a form of addiction; we become dependent on someone because the feeling of dependency provides us with a certain kind of pleasure. Most of us are unable to notice it because it is all in our brains, but this explains why we are unable to survive two days without the person we are dependent on or why it is so hard to break away from the cycle of dependency. At least, most of us think this way that it is impossible for us to break this cycle. You must be wondering how I know so much about this and why you should listen to me. Let’s deal with the first question first. My understanding of human behavior is based on observation of my own self first and then that of others. The one thing that my experiences and observations have taught me is that we are all wired for addiction. Now, as for the question of why you should listen to me – everything I say, share, or tell you, is coming from experience, and we can all agree that experience is the best teacher, and whatever it teaches us is always genuine and true. --- For more info about Manaar's MasterClass Call (415) 969-5205

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    $2,700.00The Practice of Trust Book - Masterclass! November 23rd

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I wrote this book to help you turn your life around

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    I wrote this book to help you turn your life around like I was able to turn mine around, in spite of all the troubles and trauma you may have undergone. I will guide you through the steps of how to become self-aware by navigating through your vibrations, your inner world, your inner landscape, or whatever you like to call it. I hope to help you understand how you can convert thoughts into feelings and then translate these feelings into a rhythm. And then, from that rhythm, you can conjure up beautiful music that can change or even ultimately uproot old thought patterns and bring you new ways of thinking and living your life.

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    I will teach you how-- with prayer, mantra, sound healing, and tuning, you can change the chemistry of the brain, so you are able to exit, clear out the destructive, self-harming patterns that exist within the brain. Through this book, I will help you find a way through music to not only heal yourself but also bring healing to your relationships. This will help you develop a sense of unity within the sacred temple that is your body.

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    So, let me share my story with you. I went through trauma in my childhood. It caused irreparable damage and pain to me. But today, I have reframed my perspective and consider my traumatic experiences as a gift – a gift that taught me a lot and made me who I am today. This is true for any traumatic incident in your life. You might not understand why a bad thing is happening to you. But if you go beyond the raging and anxiety and fear, and if you dig deeper, you can learn how to acquire the hidden gifts of that trauma. Traumatic incidents cause internal disruption. They seem to cause a loss of thought or power. However, this point is actually the beginning of some new, much better thought. For instance, the loss of innocence, or the loss of a parent, or the loss of some sort of connection to something is usually the beginning of a connection to the divine. You lose something that moves you away from the divine connection; this loss brings with it the opportunity for you to find your way back home.

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