Welcome To The World Of Trust

Did you ever feel trapped in this world?

Other people tell you how you should feel about your life, who you are meant to be? And what do you need to do? I know exactly how you feel... 

However, there is a truth inside of you that can't be questioned or denied. And that is your ticket to your freedom. 

Sounds familiar?

I am Manaar Azreik and I designed this MasterClass to turn your life around like I was able to turn mine, in spite of all the troubles and trauma you may have undergone. 

I will guide you through the steps of how to become self-aware by navigating through your vibrations, your inner landscape, and your inner world.

  • Imagine what life would be like if you lived based on your truth
  • How would you feel once you are free from emotional entanglement?
  • Empowering self with your inner voice
  • Conjure up beautiful music that can bring you new ways of thinking and living your life starting today.

Contact me if you think I am a good match for you. I offer a 15 minutes complimentary consultation to talk about what you're looking for in your life today. Text 415-969-5205      architectureofintention@gmail.com

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The Practice of Trust Book - MasterClass runs for 35-Days 

Those who have lost trust in their lives seek to reinstate it while healing the pain of separation. The Practice of Trust is a starting point to living a healthy, balanced, centered life. This book holds key practices to help rediscover YOUR story of separation and move forward so that one can avoid getting stuck in the hardships of life.

 Manaar works with 6 participants during this time and her program include the following:


     * 90-minute Group Workshop Calls every Tuesday evenings @ 7 pm (Pacific Time) on Zoom.

    * 4-hour Intensive Session on Saturday, October 2nd on Zoom.

       * Bi-weekly 1-on-1 (60 munites Sessions) with Manaar Azreik

     * On top of that, you will receive Free access to Manaar's Healing Circles weekly from 7 - 9 pm! 

Live Events in Cotati, CA. 

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    $2,700.00The Practice of Trust Book - MasterClass! Starting September 28

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