Trust is the fundamental ingredient in any relationship we choose to bring to our lives

Heal Yourself With Your Soul's Voice

Did you ever feel confused in this world?

Other people tell you how you should feel about your life, however, there is a truth inside of you that can't be questioned or denied.

Sounds familiar?

I am Manaar Azreik and I know exactly how you feel.

  • Imagine what life would be like if you lived based on your truth
  • How would you feel once you are free from emotional entanglement?
  • Empowering self with your inner voice

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Being comfortable in your own skin

A three-part series to help you own your voice:
  1. Heal your emotions
  2. Be free...
  3. Live the life you deserve
This is your chance to finally break through the wall during this Pandemic.
Freeing yourself from emotional entanglement

The Practice of Trust

I congratulate you for taking the journey for your own life innovation.

Those who have lost trust in their lives seek to reinstate it while healing the pain of separation. The Practice of Trust is a starting point to living a healthy, balanced, centered life. This book holds key practices to help rediscover YOUR story of separation and move forward so that one can avoid getting stuck in the hardships of life. The principles I write about in this book are vital for self-discovery, as they will help you to become aware of and develop the harmony that already exists in your energetic body field. This harmony is your truest desire. It's where your inner happiness and joyfulness live. Draw from this harmony. It is yours. This will transform fear into Love, as you weave the harmonious sound potential of your whole being.


Elisabet, a nurse in Northern CA said this:

“ As a regular participant, I have benefited beyond anything I could have imagined. Through this program, and the sacred space that is so tenderly held by Manaar and her team, I am healing wounds to unimagined depths within my being. In these deep wounds I have been able to transform anguishing pain into greater depths of love. I am in full support of this program for others who have been through a traumatic experience and who would like to heal themselves to a greater depth.”


Donna/ Santa Rosa, CA

I used my voice, which has always been timid and shy, to vocalize my pain. I put my pain into my voice. It started weak, slow, soft, and timid. Then it began to shift and became firmer, bolder, louder, and fuller. I completely let go and surrendered. A raw guttural sound erupted from every cell and from the depth of my being. It was a total and all-encompassing pain releasing. My sound went on and on... long long, long. I didn’t realize I hadn’t taken a breath for an unbelievable amount of time. I released! It was beyond any experience I’ve ever had... if that makes sense. I was completely drained but good drained. I was relaxed, centered, and grounded in my body. I’ve been able to continue to carry this feeling with me. The day after, my birthday, I spent alone. I was o.k and I am o.k. This experience has been transformational ..."


Nancy Margulies - Montara, CA

“ Manaar is a wonderful leader who, with a soft touch, invited participants to explore sound, beginning with our own breath, with body awareness, with our hands as instruments. We moved to song and then to drumming art a pace that enabled each of us to explore without concern there was a “right” or “wrong” to what we were doing. By the end of the session we were drumming, dancing and freely expressing ourselves in song. I appreciate the way Manaar brings her talent as a teacher, a musician, and a mentor to the process. She drew upon her multi-cultural background to bring us a sense of the cultures of the Middle East without limiting us to any one tradition. That, in itself, is healing”.

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