Mission Statement

Our mission is to support people in Sonoma, Napa, Mendicino and Lake Counties, CA in developing resilience and rebuilding community.   

Course curriculum

A Circle For Healing with John Freedom and Manaar Azreik will be offered on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Transformation by Fire has created several healing programs to support survivors of fires and other natural disasters. These programs are intended to provide a ‘sacred space’ where people can share their grief and losses, begin to release their pain and trauma, and begin rebuilding their lives and connections. Our services offer a menu of healing and transformative practices that support the recovery process and the emotional trauma of survivors in the aftermath of natural disasters. These programs will include time to share feelings and experiences and transformative practices such as breath-work, meditation, EFT, sound and movement therapies. Our proposed target market? Our focus is on community mental health and emotional well-being. Many folks have been experiencing the ‘invisible wounds’ of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS and/or PTSD). Symptoms of PTS include fear and anxiety, concentration difficulties, fatigue and lack of energy, anger, and irritability, grief and loneliness, difficulties sleeping, lack of motivation, and pain, headaches, and physical symptoms. Thank you for joining us in caring for so many who have been impacted by these fires
While we can estimate the cost of our homes and properties,  we cannot put a price tag on human loss and suffering, nor on the losses of our friends, animals and relationships.


* “As a regular participant of TbF, I have benefited beyond anything I could have imagined. Through this program, and the sacred space that is so tenderly held by Manaar and the other volunteers, I am healing wounds to unimagined depths within my being. In these deep wounds I have been able to transform anguishing pain into greater depths of love. I am in full support of this program for others who have been through a traumatic experience and who would like to heal themselves to a greater depth. ” Elisabet B. / Hidden Valley Lake, CA

Testimonial 2

Celia Hoberg

* “I attended a workshop two weeks ago.”Transformation by Fire.” I was really at the bottom of the bottom, in my entire body and soul, couldn’t make myself go anywhere or do anything, without a HUGE amount of effort. I got to actually see people, whom I had never met before, share their grief, pain, loss, anger, frustration, and guilt. It was personal, but calm. There were different modalities used for PTSD, (which a lot more of us have than we realized). Meditation, dialogues, tapping, music and yes, even dance. Sounds kind of funky, right… I would have been the LAST one to ever voluntarily go to something like this… “Well, guess what? I experienced a calming, a grounded feeling. It was immensely helpful, learning how to meditate and be “still,” I mean really still. To listen, really, really listen. No iPhone, no iPad, no pretense, no makeup, no shoes. It was very powerful. And yes, a transformation is in process! But LOL, I am going to be OK… “Transformation by Fire” helped me get back in touch with what is really important. I hope all of you affected by the fires, will give “Transformation by Fire” some consideration. ” Celia Hoberg / Cobb, CA

Testimonial 3

Julie Wolf

* “My home, shop, and all my surrounding 22 acres of wooded land were destroyed by the Valley Fire on September 12, 2015. I attended Transformation by Fire a few months after the fire, expecting only to hear the same stories retold about loss and anxiety… Three days later I was sad to see everyone depart as I had actually experienced profound healing, grace, and heartfelt communications from friends I had never met before. I learned ongoing techniques to take home and continue to use, techniques for calming my PTSD, my helpless thoughts of despair, and my sense of isolation… I would absolutely highly recommend any fire survivors to attend these “Transformation by Fire” seminars and gatherings. ” Julie Wolf / Anderson Springs, CA

Testimonial 4

Debora G.

* “Transformation by Fire Retreat was an incredibly healing experience for me. By sharing in the circle with others also in grief, we were able to support each other in our healing process. I felt held, understood, and cared for… ” Debora G. / Oakland, CA

Testimonial 5

Barbara R.

* “Thanks Manaar, What a great day. I felt I could let everything go and share such truths that I felt I had to hide with such an intimate group in an intimate setting. The exercises were great! Ones we could take back and use again, one of them really helped me start the path for healing with the loved ones I had felt a distance from. The lunch was great and the setting fabulous. You both set the tone for us to have ourselves be taking care of, in case we needed to move and stand, to not share if we didn’t want to, or just plain leave if it was uncomfortable. That kind of opening makes it easier to step into those uncomfortable spaces. Thanks much for a needed transformational day! ” Barbara R. / Santa Rosa, CA

Testimonial 6

Nazila Hatami

* “I have attended few of Transformation by Fire workshops, and they have been a powerful way of relaxing into the inner resources and healing the wounded parts. wishing the best for this organization and its growth 🙂 . ” Nazila Hatami / MFT Psychotherapy, Lake County CA

Testimonial 7

Carolyn Graham

* “Attended this event in December and was so glad I did. After a full day of music, dancing, yoga, and addressing acupressure points in the company of some wonderful people I felt rejuvenated and relaxed. Did I mention the wonderful gourmet vegetarian lunch that was provided? Thank you Manaar and the other health providers who put on this healing event. ” Carolyn Graham / Hidden Valley Lake, CA

Text & media

Hello Freinds of the Healing Circle,
My name is Manar Azreik, co-founder and visionary of Transformation by Fire.  Transformation by Fire is supported by a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to supporting those affected by fire and other natural disasters. This program was created as a healing response after my harrowing escape on a mini scooter during the devastating 2015 Valley Fire in Lake County, California.  Our mission is to support people in ‘rising from the ashes’ of natural disasters by holding Community Healing Retreats where people can heal trauma and invisible wounds. Your donation to Transformation by Fire will help us continue and expand this work, making it available to those who need it. 

This past 6 year have seen a series of disasters of unprecedented scale. And not just here in California. There have been major fires in Oregon, Idaho, Montana and British Columbia, with over 8,000,000 acres destroyed this year alone! This is in addition to the destruction wrought by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Jose in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico. Words cannot begin to describe the terror, grief, loss and heartache many folks are experiencing.

We are currently expanding our outreach to include Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties in California, with a strong desire and intention to have the ability to go to (and be) where (and when) we are needed when disaster strikes.

Also we are adding three projects to our service:

1. Healing circles (online groups).
2. Training programs
3. Special needs communities (Healing circles and retreats).

With our present expansion, we need more staff, outreach, office space, and more volunteers to fulfill our mission.

These healing projects include transformational practices of meditation, gentle yoga, breath work, trauma release, sound therapies, and more. They are free (or by donation) and include a gourmet vegetarian lunch, and are led by compassionate professionals volunteering their time and expertise.

Your support is essential to this vital work. On behalf of all of us, I thank you for your generosity and kind assistance.

Kindest Regards,

Manaar Azreik 
Text 415-237-1937

Transformation by Fire is supported by a local non-profit 501(c)3 "Forum For A Changing America".